Receive Patient Records

  • One Location
  • Know Who Sent It
  • Useful Notifications
  • All of the patient records you receive are in the "Received" tab in your vetshare portal.

  • The sender's information is clearly highlighted for you, making it easy to tell who sent the patient records, which doctor is on the case, and what hospital the records came from.

  • See which records are new and which records have a chat message waiting for you ().

View and Communicate About Patient Records

  • The Record Page
  • Contact Information
  • Medical Information
  • Chat
  • Clicking on a record takes you to the record page, where you can see contact information, medical information, and chat with the other vetshare hospitals and doctors on this case.

  • View the contact information for the pet owner. View the sender and recipient of this patient record.

  • Easily find information about the pet, comments from the sending doctor, and the attached patient records, images, and other files.

  • Chat with the other vetshare hospitals and doctors on this case. Discuss the records that were sent, ask questions, and provide treatment updates.

Send patient records, images, and other files

  • Easy to Use Form
  • Any Files, Any Size
  • Send to Pet Owners
  • Read Confirmations
  • vetshare provides an easy-to-use form with the key information that you need to provide when sending records. A flexible comment box allows you to provide any other treatment or important information to the recipient.

  • With vetshare, there are no file size limitations or maximum message size. Send all of the dicom images and patient records that you need to send, all at once.

  • vetshare also provides a "Send to Email" option. This way, you can use vetshare to send records and treatment information to the pet owner.

  • See all of the records that you have sent in one place. With vetshare's notifications, you'll know when the recipient has seen your records () and when you've received a chat message ().

Communicate Internally

  • Internal Chat and Action Items
  • See What's Assigned
  • Complete Tasks
  • With vetshare you can chat internally with your front desk, technicians, and other doctors about any patient record you've sent or received through vetshare. These messages can only be seen by you and and other vetshare users at your hospital. Use it to ask questions and set action items.

  • See all the action items assigned to you in one spot. Improve communication and increase your hospital's efficiency.

  • Mark actions completed and leave an internal record of when things were finished.

Get a Live Demo

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